Leticia Campanelli

Leticia Campanelli

Architectural Assistant

I was born in Brazil and left two years after graduating from Sao Paulo University with a degree in Architecture and Urban Design.

During my studies, I had the opportunity to work in a Structural Engineer Company and also got involved in master planning and urban design projects. Later, my professor invited me to work in his practice; a great opportunity and challenge that I loved being a part of and enthusiastically committed to for four years until I decided to expand my portfolio abroad.

Since then I have been travelling to many countries observing and experiencing different cultures and their use of private and public spaces. Having the opportunity to work in a variety of Architectural Practices all over the world including Brazil, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK, I have developed a diverse body of work in several sectors such as public & high-end private housing projects, hospitals & clinics, shopping malls, sports halls and hostels.

I joined BLA Architects on September 2014, to work on one of their many private housing projects. I thoroughly enjoy working with BLA as we make a strong team and believe in the high standard that motivate me to use all my gained skills and develop them further.